Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 13th

Observation and Ethnograms

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This Lunch and Learn was a Facebook Live and can be watched here, on the Center's Facebook Page

Activity Idea - Ethnograms

Download the avian observation logs in the downloadable resources below (there is two versions, one for younger students, and a full ethnogram for older ones or adults). Go outside or look at a bird from your balcony or through a window. Observe them for at least 3 minutes, and record your observations on your log sheet. What did you learn about that bird? If you watched this species everyday what do you think you'd learn over time? 

Activity Idea - Bird Cams

Sometimes the birds or animals you'd like to observe don't live where you live. Bird or animal webcams can help! Check out for all sorts of animal cams, we like the Decorah Eagles, and the Hog Island Osprey cams! 

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