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Support our New Aviary

We invite you to help us build a new home for owls.

The Center’s unique and one-of-a-kind sanctuary and site is rooted in conservation, sharing knowledge and expertise on threats to owls, their role in Florida’s ecosystems, and how individuals can help.

After years in the Florida climate and multiple storm and hurricane events, a complete rebuild will provide our resident owls and vulture with a structurally sound aviary that allows us to better practice and showcase the care we give to these rehabilitated raptors.  With the enhanced design and access for staff, visitors will be able to view our owls, attend training events and activities, and learn about these amazing top predators.

Donors like you are our future to this success. Join us in giving these special birds a second chance at life and a forever home that supports their care with inspiring visitors of all ages.

Please help us reach our goal of $675,000.  Funds raised support costs for engineering, design, rebuild, materials, income lost due to closures (for construction) and bird care costs for the residents in our aviary. Click here to donate.

How you can help, right now