Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 14th

Physics of Flight

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Watch This - Double Vortices

This amazing video shows how scientists studied bird flight and found out that unlike an airplane, a bird's tail adds lift to their flight.  

Activity Idea - Paper Airplanes

Host a paper airplane contest. Have family members each make a paper airplane (or fold multiple styles yourself), then launch them and measure how far they go. See if you can alter your design to make your airplane fly farther. How does a paper airplane acheive lift and thrust? How does the wieght and drag effect the overall distance the plane will fly.  

Watch This - Flying V formation

Ever wonder why some birds fly in a 'V' formation? This video explains how its all about energy reduction in helping to increase lift and reduce drag.  

External Links to Check Out - 

Arizona State University, Ask a Biologist about bird flight article

DK Findout page about Bird wings

Longest Uninterrupted Flight article from Audubon

Magic of Flight Barn webcam, see rehabbed patients at our Center in the flight barns

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