Virtual Lunch and Learn - May 20th and 21st

Coloration, Part 1 and 2

Watch the Part 1 Lunch and Learn video here

Watch the Part 2 Lunch and Learn video here

Watch This - Why Birds Are Different Colors

ACS, Chemistry for Life, has a short video with more about pigments in birds. Then watch this video from Cornell that discussed how to spot bird color patterns to help you in your bird identification. 

Craft Activity - Birdorable Birds

With birds around the world coming in so many beautiful colors, get creative and color the birds! Use the coloring pages from Birdorable to print out the bird outlines, then go crazy coloring the birds with as many fun colors and patterns as you choose! 

Watch this - Mutations for Kids

This Amoeba Sisters video explains more about genetic mutations in a kid friendly way. 

External Links to Check Out - 

Journal of Experimental Biology study on Amazon Parrot Coloration

How Birds Make Colorful Feathers article from Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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