Virtual Lunch and Learn - May 1st

Raptor Fact and Fiction

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The book we read was "I'm Not Cute" by Jonathan Allen

Activity Idea - Two Truths and a Lie

Have family (or friends via video chats) each come up with two things about themselves that are true, and one that it is a lie. For example, 'my favorite meal is lasagna' or 'I broke my arm once skatboarding'. Then take turns with one person saying their three statements in any order. The rest of the group can vote for which statement is the lie.

With some time to research, you can also play with other categories, try doing animals, plants, geography or history. 

Read This - True Story of Bald Eagles

Reptile Gardens explains the fictional story about Bald Eagles that circulates the internet and how it can't possibly be true. 

Watch This - Fact vs. Fiction in Movies

It's not just books that sometimes make up things about animals. Next time you watch a movie with animals in it (especially animated movies, or Harry Potter), think to yourself, is this fact or fiction? Sometimes the fictional things add to the entertainment of the movie, but it's also fun to research and find out the real truth. 

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