Virtual Lunch and Learn - May 11th

Black Vultures

Watch the Lunch and Learn video here

Craft Idea - TP Tube Vulture

Look at this adorable Vulture craft made out of a toilet paper tube and cut paper. We love it! 

Watch This - Turkey Vultures

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History has this great Creature Feature about Turkey Vultures

Read This - Vultures are Gross-ly Important

Learn more about all the various types of vultures around the world with this National Geographic Kids webpage about Vultures. What types of gross things do vultures do?

Craft Idea - Draw a Vulture

Follow this simple video to draw your own Vulture. So cute! 

External Links to check out - 

Vultures Take Over Suburbia article from Audubon

Vultures, The Bird World article from Audubon

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