Virtual Lunch and Learn - March 31st


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Activity Idea - Nest building

Go outside to your backyard or local park (be sure to follow CDC and governmental protocols for your area). Gather natural materials from around the area and try to build a nest on the ground. Start small, a nest a few inches wide. What is it like to try and weave the sticks and twigs together? What would it be like if you could only use your mouth? 

Activity Idea - Nest Craft

Use a paper plate, pompoms and instructions from this site to make a cute nest with baby birds. 

Activity Idea - Nest Snack

Feeling hungry? Make an edible nest snack like this one with pretzels and white chocolate.  

Activity Idea - Research

Do you know of other animals that make nests? After giving it some thought, do research to see what other animals you can find. How are those animal's nests different then bird nests? 

External Links to check out - 

Birds Build Nests in the Darndest of Places article from Audubon

Small Miracles nest slideshow from Audubon

Build your own nest box with information from Audubon

Watch a live nest cam, Decorah Bald Eagles or Peregrine Falcons

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