Virtual Lunch and Learn - March 27th

Egg-cellent Eggs!

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Craft Idea - Austrian Egg Decorating

Blow out some chicken egg shells to use for this beautiful craft. This link includes instuctions the craft as well as how to hollow out egg shells. Don't forget to enjoy the insides for breakfast!

Watch This - Chick hatching

This video shows a Bearded Vulture chick hatching from it's egg. Why do you think hatching is such a slow process? 
Our littlest, pre-school followers, they may enjoy watching this simple video that shows different birds and the eggs they hatch from. 

Activity Idea - How Strong Are Eggs? Science Experiment

Try to predict how many books chicken egg shells can hold before starting the experiment. How close was your guess?  

Read This - The Egg Thief

This article is great for older students, teenagers and older (it discusses legal proceedings of illegal egg and wildlife trafficking, which may not be appropriate for younger students). Read it with an adult and discuss as a family. Do you believe Lendrum when he says he thought he was only taking addled eggs? Why do you think Lendrum continues to steal eggs even after being caught so many times? What do you think could be done to help prevent the illegal trade of bird eggs?  

External Links to check out - 

Bird Egg Quiz from National Audubon Society

Cracking the Code on Egg Coloration article from National Audubon Society

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