Virtual Lunch and Learn - March 24th

What is a Raptor? What is Rehab?

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Activity idea - Create a Raptor 

Open the Create a Raptor image in the downloadable resources section below. Edit it digitally or print out and draw to create your own raptor! 

Activity idea - Raptor Taxonomy

Birds of Prey are classified in scientific taxonomy in different orders, Falconiformes, Accipitriformes, Cathartiformes and Strigiformes. Do some searching, either online or in books, to see what birds you know in each of these orders. What is the main difference between the birds classified in each of these orders? In December 2019, scientists added Cariamiformes to the list of birds that are considered raptors, read more about that here

Activity idea - Find a Raptor

Get outside in your backyard, balcony or local park (remember to follow CDC and governmental protocols for your area). Watch and listen for birds. Do any of the birds you see have a curved beak and sharp talons? If so, see if you can figure out what type of raptor they are. 

Activity idea - Wildlife Rehabber

Pretend one of your plush animals is an injured wild animal. How would you care for the animal? Consider it's injuries, how you'll bandage wounds, give medicines and keep it contained while it's revcovering. Print out the Patient Admit form in the downloadable resources section below, fill it out for your injured animal. 

External links to check out -

Birds of Prey - articles from National Audubon Society about raptors.

Build a Bird Cut-out Kit - Print out the pieces, cut them out and have fun arranging them to create your own new bird. What adaptations does your bird have? Don't forget to give your new bird species a name!  

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