Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 9th

Habitats and Water

Watch the Lunch and Learn video here 

Activity Idea - Aquifer Snack

Learn about the Aquifer with this tasty snack! The layers of food represent the layers of the aquifer and demonstrate how it works (plus who doesn't love ice cream!) 

Activity Idea - Water Calculator

The average Floridian uses 80-100 gallons of water a day! Figure out how much water you use with a virtual online water calculator. In what ways can you use less water at home? 

Watch This - Penguins Swim

No bird is made for swimming quite like the Penguin. Watch this National Geographic clip about punguins swimming. What other birds do you know or can you find online that are excellent swimmers? 

Activity Idea - Frannie the Fish

To help explain water pollution to young students, use the story of Frannie the Fish. The lesson is here, or a video explaination here

Activity Idea - Puzzles

Extend your learning about the aquifer and groundwater with crosswords and word puzzles from The Groundwater Foundation.

External Links to Check Out - 

Why do Birds Take Baths? article from Cool Green Science

Water for Florida's Future from Audubon Florida

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