Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 6th

Pale Male and Urban raptors

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The original video was a Facebook Live which can be viewed here.

The book we read was, City Hawk, The Legend of Pale Male by Megan McCarthy

Read this - Pale Male, is he alive? 

For older students, there is some controvery around Pale Male. He would be the oldest Red-tailed Hawk known, so some question if it is the same bird all these years? While some think he's alive and well, others think he is dead. Birders have taken hundreds of photos of Pale Male over the years, you can view them here. Do you think it is the same Pale Male or a different bird? 

Watch This - The Legend of Pale Male

A documentary was made about Pale Male that you can purchase. You can also watch the trailer here

Activity Idea - Urban Birding

Hang a bird feeder in your yard and wait until it attracts birds. Do you get the same birds visiting your feeder over and over? How do you know? Are there any individuals that have unique characteristics that distinguish them from others of thier speices? 

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Red Tail Hawks in NYC article by Audubon

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