Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 3rd

Food, food, food!

Watch the Lunch and Learn video

Activity Idea - Food Hunt

Find about 25 small, similar items (Lego men, quarters, bottle caps, etc), these are now your food.  Designate one room in your house the hunting zone and leave that area. Have another famliy member hide your food aroudn the hunting zone. When they are finished set a stopwatch and see how long it takes you to find all your food items. Try again with a different hunting zone, or switch places and hide the food for the other person. 

Watch This - Bats for Breakfast

This National Geographic video shows what it's like to hunt for bats. Wow! 

Activity Idea - Illusion Math 

Go back to the Lunch and Learn video and play the Sanford food illusion again with a different number. Did it still work? Play again if needed, and see if you can figure out how the ilusion works. Hint, it's just math. 

Activity Idea - Food Chain Games Online

For young students play this simple eagle food game.  For older students, try these food games from Legends in Learning.

Craft Idea - Food Chain Mobile

This cute hanging mobile has an owl food chain. If you don't want to draw the animals yourself, try using animal coloring pages printed from online in different sizes. 

External Links to check out - 

Article about Snail Kites from Audubon

When it's okay and not okay to feed birds article from Audubon

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