Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 30th


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Activity Idea - Games

There is a few online Migration games. Try this one from Audubon Adventures or this migration trivia game from the Smithsonian.
For a more low-fi game option, try this one. Print out the pages, lay them out on the floor of your house, and play through the game as a life size game pawn (you'll need a few dice for this game, steal them from a board game you have)

Watch This - Animal Migration

We like this video from SciShow Kids about Migration! Give it a watch! 

External Links to Check Out - 

The Migration Game interactive article by Audubon

Do You Know the Other Ways Birds Migrate? article from Audubon

Audubon's Migratory Bird Initiative

9 Awesome Facts About Bird Migration

How Many Birds Dissapear Between Migrations? article

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