Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 2nd

Bird Bands (no, not like a rock band)

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Activity Idea - Band your birds

Give your plush animals bands around thier legs. Make your bands out of whatever you can find at home - pipe cleaners would work, paper and tape, slap bracelets, etc. get creative. 

Watch This - Banding videos

This video shows how songbirds are purposely caught in nets so they can be banded and studied. PBS has a video about banding as well. 

Activity Idea - Research

One reason to band birds is to see how long they live. Check out the USGS longevity page. How old is the recorded bird of your favorite species. What species has the longest recorded lifespan? 

External Links to check out - 

Audubon Florida's banded shore birds article

The history of bird banding article by North Carolina Audubon

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