Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 29th

Birding Basics for Kids

Watch the Lunch and Learn video here 

Activity Idea - Backyard Birding

Follow what the Lunch and Learn says, and go outside to your backyard (or even form your window) and start birding! Learn more about field marks with this site, to help you be a  better birder.

Watch This - Bird Characteristics

Here is a great video about how to help identify birds you see. It gives hints on what bird characteristics to look for to narrow down the options and help you figure out what bird you just saw. A birding app really helps too. Here's more about the Audubon Bird App, we also like Merlin Bird ID from Cornell, try both and see what works for you. 

External Links to Check Out - 

More about the Audubon Bird App, we also like Merlin Bird ID from Cornell for identification

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