Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 28th

Species Spotlight - Merlins

Watch the Lunch and Learn video here 

Activity Idea - Baby Merlins

Merlins only weigh a little less then 7 ounces when adults, just think how little babies would be. Watch this video to see how cute they are! Then, figure out the weight of merlins at your house. Grab a kitchen scale, and dried goods like pasta, beans or rice. Take a guess at how many beans/pasta/rice will weigh 7 ounces. Then weigh your guess, we're you right? How many beans/pasta/rice does it take to make 7 ounces. Do the activity again, but for baby Merlins, which weigh about .45 of an ounce when they hatch. 

Watch This - Falconry

Daniel mentioned Merlins had been used for thousands of years as falconry birds. There is a lot fo good resources to learn more about falconry, we like this one and this one for kids (and older students or adults may like this video or this lecture from Cornell). 

Craft Idea - Merlin Mashup

It would be funny to see a Merlin bird dressed up like Merlin the wizard. Draw a picture of what that would be like! What other animal name mashups can you draw? Maybe a cat-fish and Penguin dressed like a king ?

External Links to Check Out - 

Cornell Lab of Ornithology page on Merlins

Merlin falcon information from Audubon

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