Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 27th

Raptor Equipment

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The original of this video was a Facebook Live, which can be viewed on the Center Facebook page here

Watch This - Hoods

This video shows the process of making a raptor hood from the raw materials, to sewing, to the final product. It's fascinating and intricate work.  

Craft Idea - Plush Animal Raptor

What equipment can you make from household items to pretend your stuffed animals are raptors? Maybe a oven mitt for a glove, string for jesses, and rope for a leash? See what you can create for your plush animals and how easy they are to get on and off your animal. 

External Links to Check Out - 

We like getting some of our supplies from Mike's falconry. Check it out to see what other equipment is used when working with raptors. 

The Modern Apprentice has a lot of great info for those interested more in falconry and equipment we use with raptors. 

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