Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 24


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Craft Idea - Flying Dinos

Make your own flying dinosaur with this fun papercraft. You just need paper, scissors, glue and markers. 

Watch This - I'm a Dinosaur

We love I'm a Dinosaur cartoons for kids, they have fun episodes teaching about the various types of dinos. This particular episode focuses on dinos with feathers and wings

Read This - Other Dinos with feathers

Nanci taught us about Archaeopteryx, the supposed link between dinos and birds. But there was other dinosaurs that had feathers, see them in this article

External Links to check out - 

Birds Inherited Colorful Eggs From Dinosaurs article by Audubon

New Clues Point to When Dinosaurs Started Reproducing Like Modern Birds article from Audubon

Which Came First: the Dinosaur or the Bird? article form Audubon

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