Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 21st

Species Spotlight, Red-shouldered Hawks

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Craft Idea - Red Shoulders

With a name like "Red-shouldered Hawk" you may have pictured these birds looking a little different. Draw a picture of a bird you would call "Red-shouldered". What name would you have called a Red-shouldered Hawk if you saw it first, and had to choose a name for the species? 

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Learn more about Red-Shoulders on BioKids

Activity Idea - They are everywhere

Spend some time outside or near an open window (remember to follow CDC and local governmental rules for your area). Watch and listen for Red-shouldered Hawks. They are seemingly everywhere and while you may not see them, you may be able to hear them

External Links to Check Out - 

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Enjoying Red-shouldered Hawks with Wintu Audubon Society

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