Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 1st

Japanese Raptors, haiku and origami

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Activity Idea - Haiku

Write your own Bird Haiku and enter it into the contest by emailing it to Submissions are due by April 8th, 2020 at noon! 

Activity Idea - Speak Japanese

Use this site to learn some Japanese words. Can you learn how to say 'Hello' and your favorite color? 

Craft Idea - Origami Talons and Cranes

Fold your own talons with these origami instructions. Fold your own paper crane with this site. 

Activity Idea - Birds

Research raptors or other birds that are found in Japan. Which birds would you like to see in the wild? What is it that you like about that bird species?

External Links to check out - 

Learn about Japan's cormorant problem in this article by Audubon

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