Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 17th

Bird Poop (Oh, yes we did!)

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Watch This - Bird Effects

We mentioned in the video how bird poop effects us. Use these links to watch and read more about how settlers discovered bird guano helped their crops grow, how bird poop caused powerlines to short-out, and everyone's favorite, the Poopmaster 6000. What other ways can you think of that bird poop may effect the world?

Craft Idea - Poop Splatter Art

Splatter Art is fun for any age, and even more fun when you call it Poop Splatter Art. Paint has a similar consistancy to bird poop, so it's great to splash and splat on paper or canvas to make your masterpiece. If you're able, we like to do this outside so the mess doesn't matter as much! 

Activity Idea - Do Your Research

There are some seeds that do not grow unless they pass through an animals digestive tract. Search online for plants that do this. Do you know of any? Why would plants evolve to have this be a necessity? 

External Links to Check Out - 

How to Live with Bird Poop article from Audubon

What Makes Bird Poop White? article from Audubon

How Plastic Pollution Makes Bird Poop Toxic article from Audubon

How Bird Poop Helps Fight Climate Change article from Audubon

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