Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 15th and 16th

Feathers, Part 1 and 2

Watch Feathers Part 1 Lunch and Learn video here 

Watch Feathers Part 2 Lunch and Learn video here 

Craft Idea - Colorful Feathers

Some bird feathers are colorful, beautiful and works of art! Use this video to learn how to draw a feather, then color it in as many colors as you want! Check out the photo gallery for some inspirtation.

Read This - Feather Facts

We love this site of Feather Facts for Kids

Activity Idea - The Best Feathers

Follow what Michael Frogman says in The Best Feathers song, and imagine yourself with feathers. What would you look like? What color and shape would your feathers be? What would they help you do? Draw a picture of what your feathers would be like. 

Watch This - TedEd

How did Feathers Evolve video. Do some research on dinosaurs scientists have found that have feathers, how many can you name?  

External Links to Check Out - 

The Science of Feathers article from Audubon

What Makes Bird Feathers So Colorfully Fabulous? article from Audubon

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