Virtual Lunch and Learn - April 8th

Raptor Eyes

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Activity Idea - Measure it out

Various studies have said that raptor vision is anywhere from 4-8 times better then humans. To see what this would be like, do a sight test. Get a meausuring tape, a book, and you'll need another person to help. Stand still in one spot, have the other person hold out the book with a page open. They should slowly move backwards, away from you, until you can no longer read the words in the book. Mark where they are standing and use the measuring tape to measure the distance. Now multiply that amount by 4 and measure out the new length. If you were a Bald Eagle that's how far away the book could be and you'd still be able to read it!  

Watch This - How Birds See the World

A more scientific explaination of bird vision can be found in this video

Craft Idea - Bird Mask

Show off your 'Eagle Eyes' by making a bird mask with items from around your house. You can make it up yourself (maybe use recycled materials like cereal boxes and toilet paper rollls) or use this video for ideas. 

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