Florida Bald Eagle Facts

  • Eagles were taken off the endangered species list in August of 2007, but their protected status remains the same.
  • Florida has one of the highest concentrations of nesting Bald Eagles in the lower 48 states. Alaska holds the first place followed by Minnesota.
  • There are approximately 1500 nesting pairs in Florida.
  • Nesting season is from Oct 1 - May 15 each year. Incubation is 33 - 35 days.
  • Most nests are built in the tallest pine, cypress tree or on a man-made structure near water or pasture land.
  • When eagles are nesting, federal guidelines suggest you maintain a distance of 330 feet from the nest tree/tower.
  • Eaglets grow faster than any other bird in America. Eagles weigh 4 oz. at hatching and grow up to 12 lbs. in three months.
  • An eagle’s wingspan is 7-8 feet.

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