How to Help a Sick or Injured Raptor

To find help for a sick or injured wild bird or animal in Florida check out these sites or contact your local veterinarian or county animal services.
Raptors can be very dangerous, even sick, injured and/or young birds. Beware of their sharp talons and beaks. 
Find a box slightly larger than the bird, poke air holes in the box, place the box over the bird, slide something flat under the box in order to contain the bird. 
Raptors tend to calm down when they are in a dark, warm (room temperature) container with air holes. Do not attempt to give the bird food or water, transport it to a wildlife rehabilitator.  
Take note of the location where the bird was found, especially baby birds that can be returned to their families once they are well. 
If in Central Florida area please contact the Center at 407-644-0190 
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